Was designed by Dr Guo to help make Tai Chi available to everyone. These forms are based off the 24 posture form are broken down into easy to follow 4 and 7 posture moves. Can be done seated, standing, and even in a wheel chair.

Kit Plummer Tai Chi

What To Expect

1:1 classes and group classes are available that will include a general warm up and flowing through the forms. Warm up includes a mixture of Yoga, Qi Gung and Physical Therapy moves.

Learn to do the moves, usually takes about 8 weeks with 1 session a week focusing on your posture, breathing, and movement to learn the 4 sequences to be able to do them on your own. The 4 sequences are 4 moves for Low back pain, 4 moves for neck and shoulder pain, 4 moves for Rehab, and 7 moves for rehab. all can be done standing, seated, or in a wheel chair.

More videos are available at my YouTube channel.